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Bhargava, Rahul r.bhargava at northeastern.edu
Wed Apr 27 20:35:09 CEST 2022

Hi folks,

Here at the Media Cloud team (mediacloud.org) we’re looking for a Senior Data Engineer to help us built tools to track and monitor how news flows across online media! We’re a small and nimble team rebuilding our pipelines for cross-platform research into hate speech, partisanship, and so on. We’re looking for a friendly person with Python data jupyter/NLP/ML/vis/pipeline type skills, and a curiosity for using data to understand what the *$%&! is going on in online media. This position is open to remove work with occasional visits to Boston, and grant funded through the end of 2023. Employed by Northeastern University with full benefits.


Drop me a line if you have any questions,



Rahul Bhargava (he/him/his)
English Pronunciation: RA-hull BAR-guv
Online:  @rahulbot<http://twitter.com/rahulbot>
Assistant Professor - Journalism and Art + Design @ Northeastern University
Director - Data Culture Group<http://dataculture.northeastern.edu>
Co-Director - Co-Lab for Data Impact<https://camd.northeastern.edu/research-scholarship-creative-practice/co-laboratory-for-data-impact/>
Co-Principal Investigator - Media Cloud<https://mediacloud.org>

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