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Job Details

Tableau Research (*research.tableau.com* <http://research.tableau.com/>) is
a small, industrial research team focused on Tableau’s mission of helping
people see and understand data. As part of Tableau’s Office of the CTO
(OCTO), we work to be a source of new and inspiring product and technology
directions for Tableau each year, generating ideas that influence, drive or
significantly change what Tableau delivers to customers. As a research lab,
we aim to both provide value to Tableau and to establish ourselves as a
place to do world-class


We are seeking a people manager and creative leader eager to help us drive
innovation across Tableau and Salesforce. As a manager, you will have the
opportunity to oversee the work of a small group of research scientists and
help them achieve success.  As a leader, you will work in partnership with
other OCTO leaders to ensure the overall success of Tableau Research and

Apply here: https://t.co/qeY5DaYXmS

Who you are:


   People leader.  You have experience helping others develop their careers
   and achieve their goals. You know how to listen and engage others in order
   to bring about their best work.

   Research generalist. You are broadly knowledgeable about performing
   research in Computer Science domains such as data visualization, HCI,
   applied ML/AI, and NLP. You demonstrate a track record in developing
   interesting, new ideas into concrete results as research papers,
   prototypes, and / or product.

   Innovative. You have a genuine interest in Tableau’s mission, and a
   passion for using data and the know-how to create modern, cutting-edge
   content. You enjoy working directly with research ideas and technology, to
   deeply understand their value.

   Creative. You possess a special blend of creative vision and
   organization sense. You are able to inspire and lead a team, coming up with
   creative solutions for research to be impactful. You are comfortable with
   handling imprecise and changing goals, while helping the team succeed
   through thoughtful ideation, problem solving, and organizational support.

   Collaborative. You have excellent communication skills and enjoy
   collaborating with people at all levels and across multiple disciplines.
   You know how to organize and coordinate informal teams of self-motivated
   people and help them achieve success.

   Research advocate. You can communicate the value of research ideas,
   distilling the technical detail into compelling stories. You enjoy working
   across the company to find the right connections for both researchers and
   their ideas.

What you'll be doing:

As a member of Tableau Research you will have the opportunity to help drive
innovation across Tableau and Salesforce. As an OCTO leader, you can help
create and support the organization that will help us all.  To do this, we
expect you to:


   Support people: Manage a small, multi-disciplinary  group of research
   scientists working individually for success. Actively coach team members
   through regular conversations on how they are developing, impacting and
   performing against their goals.

   Develop strategy: Help create a strong, strategic portfolio of research
   projects and activities for Tableau Research. Coach your team members to
   craft their own research projects and activities to meet these goals.

   Drive impact:  Be a strong advocate for research projects, drive
   excitement about bringing researchers to work and engage across TR, OCTO,
   and product teams.  Work with OCTO leadership to build the practices and
   partnerships needed to help OCTO drive innovation across the company.

   Experiment and explore: Actively engage in research or technical
   innovation projects as a leader or strong contributor. This can include
   continuing to perform and publish your own research.

   Build external connections: Be an active member of one or more research
   or technical communities to build connections, influence, and support

   Build the team: Recruit and hire new research talent. Help define key
   needs within the team, drive the hiring process. Participate in hiring
   processes across OCTO as needed.



   5+ years working as a research scientist in a Computer Science field, or
   related field. This work experience typically includes performing and
   publishing your own research work at top computer science conferences. Note
   that we are not considering user researchers or data scientists at this

   Demonstrated ability to help highly-individual, self-motivated people
   succeed and help advise on the problems to solve that demonstrate impact
   and value.

   Ideally experience as a people manager, but strong contributions as a
   technical lead also qualify.

   Skilled at distilling and explaining novel and complex ideas. Able to
   demonstrate these skills by giving a technical talk as part of the
   interview process.

   Experience collaborating with teams developing new products and features.
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