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Matthew Brehmer mbrehmer at tableau.com
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Job Details

Tableau Research (*research.tableau.com* <http://research.tableau.com/>) is
an industrial research team focused on Tableau’s mission of helping people
see and understand data. As part of Tableau’s Office of the CTO (OCTO), we
work to be a source of new and inspiring product and technology directions
for Tableau each year, generating ideas that influence, drive, or
significantly change what Tableau delivers to customers. As a research lab,
we aim to both provide value to Tableau and a foundation for research
scientists to do world-class research.

We are looking for *early-career* research scientists, although prior
experience at an industry research lab or a startup is definitely a plus!
An ideal candidate has deep technical experience in a domain relevant to
Tableau such as 1) applied ML/AI to support visual analytics and
human-in-the-loop systems, 2) NLP for search and content retrieval as well
as for question and answering systems, 3) data-driven collaboration and
presentation, or 4) HCI techniques for multimodal interaction to support
data exploration.

Apply here:

*Primary responsibilities*


   Design and manage a portfolio of research projects and activities that
   are relevant to Tableau’s mission. The projects include exploring new ways
   to help people collect, explore, interact with, analyze, visualize, and
   derive actionable insights from data

   Validate and communicate research innovation to the rest of Tableau via
   prototypes, peer-reviewed publications, whitepapers, and presentations

   Work collaboratively with other research scientists, developers, and
   product managers to drive research results to product impact

   Understand Tableau products, customers, and business goals to further
   innovation and to help create new products and services

   Participate in external research and technical communities to hone your
   expertise, provide thought leadership and build relationships



   PhD, or the equivalent, in a technical domain relevant to Tableau

   Fluent with the relevant technical skills necessary to implement your
   research ideas

   Experience working as a research partner to industry

   Experience pitching research ideas and/or leading a group of people
   towards a common goal

   Enthusiasm for Tableau’s mission as a focus for your research agenda

   Experience publishing research results at major conferences or in
   journals, such as those sponsored by ACM or IEEE
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