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Funded PhD Position in Interfaces for Explainable Artificial Intelligence

When an artificial intelligence system makes a decision or draws a conclusion, the reasons behind that decision are often obscure and difficult to interpret. In order to trust the outcomes of AI systems, they need to be able to present the rationale behind decisions in understandable, transparent ways. We are seeking a highly-motivated PhD candidate for an interdisciplinary research project across the fields of deep learning, visual analytics, and human-computer interaction. Specifically, the research program will be in Explainable Artificial Intelligence [1] with a focus on creating systems to help people interpret the reasoning behind decisions made by deep learning systems. The selected candidate will join an international collaborative project and will be responsible for the design, implementation, and testing of visualization interfaces connecting to explainable machine learning systems designed by partners on the larger project.

This funded position will be established in the Visualization for Information Analysis Lab (vialab) in the Computer Science PhD program at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada under the supervision of Dr. Christopher Collins. The candidate with collaborate with other team members Dr. Graham Taylor at the University of Guelph and Dr. Mohamed Amer at SRI International.

Depending on performance there is a strong likelihood of one or more paid internships at SRI International during the period of study.


- Masters degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Informatics/Data Science or an equivalent university-level degree and relevant experience

- Strong and demonstrated programming skills

- Research, work, or significant course experience in human-computer interaction, visual analytics, or interface design

- Preference for candidates who also have experience/interest in artificial intelligence or machine learning
- Able to work as an independent and flexible researcher in interdisciplinary teams

- Strong English writing and speaking skills


Send the following to christopher.collins at uoit.ca<mailto:christopher.collins at uoit.ca>:

  *   Detailed CV
  *   Motivation letter explaining your interest in and relevant experience for this project
  *   Summary of your Master's thesis
  *   Transcripts (unofficial are acceptable at this stage; translations are not required at this stage)

Note: The selected candidate will be invited to apply through the official university application process and offers will be conditional on meeting application criteria for the UOIT CS program.


- Expressions of interest as soon as possible; formal application process to follow for the invited candidate

- Start date: September 2017 or negotiable

- Duration: 4 years

The vialab at UOIT, lead by Dr. Christopher Collins, Canada Research Chair in Linguistic Information Visualization, conducts research in information analysis, visual analytics, text and document analytics, and human-computer interaction. The University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT), located in Oshawa, Ontario, advances the discovery and application of knowledge through a technology-enriched learning environment and innovative programs responsive to the needs of students, and the evolving 21st-century workplace. UOIT promotes social engagement, fosters critical thinking, and integrates outcomes-based learning experiences inside and outside the classroom. Oshawa, Ontario is located near the city of Toronto, Canada, where many lab members live.
[1] http://www.darpa.mil/attachments/DARPA-BAA-16-53.pdf

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