[Ieee_vis_open_positions] PhD student wanted for Data Visualization at Univ of New Hampshire

Thomas Butkiewicz tbutkie at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 19:49:35 CET 2016

Are you looking to start or continue pursuing a PhD in data visualization
research?  Come study with us at the University of New Hampshire: Our Data
Visualization Research Lab is directed by Colin Ware and we are housed
within the Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping, which provides us with
endless new visualization challenges!  We develop highly-interactive
visualizations with a focus on understanding the underlying human
perceptual factors that make them effective at conveying information and
providing insight.

We recently received funding for a new 5-year project: ADEON, the Atlantic
Deepwater Ecosystem Observatory Network, a wide array of directional
hydrophones located along the Atlantic continental shelf that listens to
sound from marine life, shipping, etc.  For this project, we have secured
multi-year funding to support a PhD student with a research assistantship
conducting data visualization research into the massive amount of complex
soundscape data being collected.

Students will also be exposed to a wide range of visualization and
interaction projects, including flow visualization, stereoscopic 3D,
augmented reality and virtual reality, perceptual human factors studies,
cartography, and more.

The ideal applicant would have excellent English writing abilities, capable
of programming in C++/C# and creating interactive computer graphics using
OpenGL/WebGL.  Experience with GIS systems or sound/spectral analysis are
big pluses.

Interested students should email Professor Thomas Butkiewicz at
tbutkiewicz at ccom.unh.edu for more details.  Applications are due by
February 2017 for enrollment in the Fall 2017 semester.  Early start in May
2017 also possible.
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