[Ieee_vis_open_positions] PhD Position at University of Konstanz

Oliver Deussen oliver.deussen at uni-konstanz.de
Thu Dec 13 13:02:58 CET 2012

Dear Colleagues,

the Konstanz Research School Chemical Biology
(KoRS-CB) and the Computer and Information
Science (CS) department at the University of
Konstanz in Germany offer a PhD position in the
area of information visualization for biology.

We are searching for excellent candidates either
in bioinformatics or in computer science with
knowledge relevant to (biological) data visualization.

In the project we will develop new data-analysis
and visualization methods for high-throughput
screening in Chemical Biology. Hit selection and
sub-structure determination through clustering
will be optimized with regards to chemical relevance.
Results will be visualized by different parallel views
that allow coherent interaction. An important
aspect in visualization will be to reduce the
cognitive load of the viewer.

A successful candidate will be offered a full
three years TVL 13 position and associated
with KoRS-CB and CS.

contact & links:

Prof. Dr. Oliver Deussen (od at uni.kn)

Konstanz Research School Chemical Biology:

Prof. Dr. Oliver Deussen

University of Konstanz, Germany
Dept. Computer and Information Sciences
(Fachbereich Informatik und Informationswissenschaft)


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