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Vito Trianni vito.trianni at istc.cnr.it
Wed Jan 18 16:20:21 CET 2023

There are still a couple of days left to apply to a researcher position in data visualisation, user experience and human-computer interaction: DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS IS JANUARY THE 20TH, 2023

The research position is open within the context of the European project HACID (http://www.hacid-project.eu). The position is for full-time research at the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies (ISTC) of the Italian National Research Council in Rome.
We are seeking expertise in Data Visualisation, UX and Human-Computer Interaction. The contract is for two years, with possibility of renewal. It is also possible to link the research to a PhD program (e.g., at Sapienza University, Computer Engineering).

See the notice of selection with instructions for the application here:
- http://www.hacid-project.eu/jobs/index.html
- https://www.istc.cnr.it/en/content/assegno-di-ricerca-3562022-progettazione-e-validazione-sperimentale-di-strumenti


HACID aims at the study of hybrid human-artificial collective intelligence for open-ended domains like medical diagnostics and decision support for climate change adaptation policies.
Thanks to well designed knowledge graphs and information aggregation algorithms, the project aims at improving decision making in situations where knowledge fragmentation and information overload can strike.
Related to the open position, the research program consists in the development of a dashboard for visualization and interaction with knowledge graphs in the context of both medical diagnostics and climate services. The dashboard will have to enable the selection by domain experts of concepts relevant to the case study, presenting these concepts in a dynamic and usable way. The activities include the experimental validation of the dashboard to test its usability and consistency, in interaction with the HACID team for the different case studies.


The following skills are requested:
• Knowledge of User Experience Design (UXD), human-machine interaction (HMI) and user interface design (UI);
• Experience in (i) data visualisation and (ii) design and implementation of interactive data dashboards, using open-source libraries and frameworks (e.g. D3, Kibana, Tableau, etc.);
• Experience in the use of programming languages: Python and/or Java;


Applications must be sent via email. Deadline for applications is January the 20th, 2023.
Italian applicants must submit their applications through a certified email (Posta Elettronica Certificata – PEC) to the address protocollo.istc at pec.cnr.it
Foreign applicants must submit their applications through standard email to the address protocollo.roma at istc.cnr.it
For all details about the application process, please check the notice of selection available at the following links:


For any inquiry, feel free to contact Vito Trianni: vito.trianni at istc.cnr.it


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