[Ieee_vis_open_positions] Internship and PhD position: Movie Question Answering, Ecole Polytechnique, Inria Paris

Vicky Kalogeiton vicky.kalogeiton at polytechnique.edu
Wed Jan 4 16:43:56 CET 2023

Dear all,

We are looking for highly motivated students interested in doing an
internship on movie understanding using large language models. The
internship will be potentially continued with a joint PhD.

*Description: *This project falls into the cutting-edge video understanding
domain and aims to answer questions about movies. Movie Question Answering
systems can provide a natural and intuitive way for users to interact with
movies, making it easy and convenient to access information and perform
movie-related tasks. Most computer vision approaches focus on answering
specific questions about visual data, typically without long-term reasoning
and without taking into consideration the particularities of the domain,
such as jumps in time, cuts or intentions. Instead, given long-range video
scenes, we will propose state-of-the-art methods designed to answer
questions about movies, such as plot details, character information, and
trivia by exploiting multimodal cues (video, audio, text). For this, we
will exploit recent advances in Large Language Models to parse user queries
and retrieve relevant visual information.

*Supervisors: *Vicky Kalogeiton <http://vicky.kalogeiton.info/> (VISTA
team, LIX  ́Ecole Polytechnique) and Ivan Laptev
<https://www.di.ens.fr/~laptev/> (WILLOW project-tea
<https://www.di.ens.fr/willow/>, Inria Paris)

*Location:* École Polytechnique <https://www.polytechnique.edu/en>, and Inria
Paris <https://www.inria.fr/fr/centre-inria-de-paris>, Paris, France

*Requirements: *We are looking for strongly motivated candidates with an
interest in machine learning and computer vision. The project requires a
strong background in applied mathematics and excellent programming skills
(mostly in Python).

*Application*: Potential applicants should send their complete CV and
transcripts of grades to Vicky Kalogeiton at
vicky.kalogeiton at polytechnique.edu and Ivan Laptev at ivan.laptev at inria.fr. If
needed, we may ask for two references. We particularly encourage
applications from women and underrepresented groups in academia.

*Application Deadline: *21 January 2023

For details, please see: PhD scholarship in Computer Vision for Movie
Question Answering
<http://vicky.kalogeiton.info/assets/pdf/MovieQuestionAnswering2023.pdf> or
contact Vicky Kalogeiton at vicky.kalogeiton at polytechnique.edu.

Vicky Kalogeiton
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