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OCAD University and SalesChoice Inc. (“SalesChoice”) are seeking an enthusiastic, collaborative researcher with training in user-centered design, data visualization, API design and technical engineering software development, and data analytics. The position is a full time, twelve-month appointment. Working closely with OCAD University PI Dr. Sara Diamond and industry partner SalesChoice, the postdoctoral fellow will participate in the research and development of Mood Insights™.  This researcher will be a member of the Visual Analytics Laboratory at OCAD University and the SalesChoice engineering and technical team.
The overarching research goals of Mood Insights™ Mood Health Detection & Monitoring System are to allow SalesChoice Inc. to augment its business-to-business (B2B) Artificial Intelligence (AI) Insight Engine™ Platform and its Mood Insights™ mobile software application through the research and development of a ubiquitous computing platform (mobile and wearable) driven by affective computing AI and data visualizations.
The platform will contribute to improved health and wellness with a focus on workers being mentally and physically fit for job duty. Research is focused primarily on the Transportation and Logistics industry and telecommunication’s labour force, beginning with drivers (couriers) and sales professionals.
PDF research will include the development of an open Application Programming Interface API that can connect to various sources such as: telematics GeoTab truck scores and wearable technologies with a focus on smartwatches; provide interpretive interfaces and visualizations that operate across platforms and for differentiated user groups and engage and retain users and support the cognitive process of analysis; developing user-centered research and prototypes that adapt Mood Insights™ to sales professionals to understand sales performance, retention, and mood. Their research will support integration into the SalesChoice AI Insight Engine™, already in market, to extend its feature set with the new product, Mood Insights™. The Mood Insights™ software proof of concept (POC) application is currently in the testing phase and research and development of additional features and markets are the focus of this grant application. SalesChoice engineers will collaborate with the Postdoctoral Fellow to integrate Natural Language Processing (NLP) short text analysis and neural network development into their API design.

The position will begin once an appropriate candidate is recruited, and once funding is approved by Mitacs, in the early Summer of 2022.  Remuneration is $58,000/year before deductions.
A valid Canadian Social Insurance Number is preferable. Must have graduated with PhD in the last 5 years or graduate in Spring, 2022.
Please contact: Dr. Sara Diamond sdiamond at ocadu.ca<mailto:sdiamond at ocadu.ca>

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