[Ieee_vis_open_positions] Open PreDoc and PosDoc position at vis-group, TU Wien

Eduard Gröller groeller at cg.tuwien.ac.at
Sat Mar 19 06:39:50 CET 2022

Dear colleagues,

The visualization group [1] of the Institute of Visual Computing & Human-Centered Technology at TU Wien, Austria, is seeking outstanding persons for one PreDoc and one PostDoc university position in the field of visualization, visual computing, and / or human-computer interaction.
The application deadline for the PreDoc position is March31st: https://jobs.tuwien.ac.at/Job/176670
The application deadline for the PostDoc position is April 21st: https://jobs.tuwien.ac.at/Job/178718

Best wishes,

Manuela Waldner, Eduard Gröller

[1] https://www.cg.tuwien.ac.at/

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