[Ieee_vis_open_positions] Postdoc position in critical data vis at Linköping U

Miriah Meyer miriah.meyer at liu.se
Mon Jan 17 11:36:02 CET 2022

We are accepting applications for a unique postdoc opportunity that focuses on critical data visualization at Linköping University, Sweden. The position is shared between the visualization group of Miriah Meyer (https://miriah.github.io) and the gender studies group of Ericka Johnson (https://erickajohnson.se).

The position concerns research in the broad area of critical data visualization studies. The holder of the position is expected to contribute to both inter/trans-disciplinary feminist research and visualization design research. The research will focus on how visualization tools impact the ways that data is understood, imagined, valued or dismissed through situated, visual analysis practices with and by domain experts, and how these understandings are entangled in collaborations with visualization designers and tool development. Feminist research on visual analysis tools is an emerging international field of inquiry, and addresses how data and digital visualization technologies are entangled in the practices of doing and making science but also in the norms and values of social groups. This position will engage with critical analyses of intersectional power dynamics in visualization practices and technologies as well as questions about social justice and the design of effective tools, where ‘effective’ is unpacked. The research will involve ethnographic fieldwork in expert settings and is expected to result in pragmatic recommendations for designing more ethical, responsible, and inclusive visual analysis tools. This position will be shared between the Unit of Gender Studies and Media & Information Technology, offering a unique opportunity to work closely with both feminist and visualization researchers. The successful candidate, who could come from a broad range of backgrounds, will have a shared physical presence at both departments.

Deadline: Feb 21, 2022

This is the first of two postdoc positions at Linköping University in this emerging and important area. Please reach out to Miriah (miriah.meyer at liu.se<mailto:miriah.meyer at liu.se>) with any questions.

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