[Ieee_vis_open_positions] Postdoc positions to explore the world of molecules!

Marc Baaden baaden at smplinux.de
Fri Oct 29 14:24:49 CEST 2021

Seeking 2 post-doctoral fellows with experience related to Biology/Bioinformatics, Unity3D, Virtual Reality or computer graphics to come to Paris.

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Dear Colleagues,

Sorry for cross-posting and my apologies for contributing to filling your inbox. I am urgently looking for two new people to join my team and I am depending on your help. The positions I am looking to fill are very good positions in France, described below. They deal with immersive scientific visualization of membrane proteins, their assembly and omic data. Could you please forward this email to anyone you know who might be considered for this position? I would be very grateful for it.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

With best wishes,

Marc Baaden

** Come explore the world of molecules!

I am seeking two post-doctoral fellows to start immediately in my lab. My lab is focused on the development of novel approaches for interactive visualization of molecular structures, including using UnityMol to create 3D user interfaces and Virtual Reality applications. The positions will involve the development of novel software components for high throughput molecular visualization, as well as challenging biological applications. We are looking for someone that is passionate about Molecular Biology who also has skills in computer programming and graphics design. See more details at the following links:
* immersive scientific visualization of membrane proteins and their assemblies (https://github.com/bam93/job-offers/tree/main/2021-postdoc-cofund) (PDF version) (https://github.com/bam93/job-offers/blob/f253ebf53ee209e2ac5368e0d34fd17f9c94bb80/2021-postdoc-cofund/job2021b.pdf)
* immersive scientific visualization of omic data (https://github.com/bam93/job-offers/tree/main/2021-postdoc-minomics) (PDF version) (https://github.com/bam93/job-offers/blob/f253ebf53ee209e2ac5368e0d34fd17f9c94bb80/2021-postdoc-minomics/job2021a.pdf)

More information about the institute and work environment is described through a series of short videos with testimonials and overviews (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB_u_mFVNM2mbbyUj7rwKmw) .

I hope you will be interested in joining our team!


Marc Baaden
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