[Ieee_vis_open_positions] Tableau Research is hiring two Fall 2021 / Winter 2022 PhD Research Interns

Matthew Brehmer mbrehmer at tableau.com
Tue Jun 22 18:28:50 CEST 2021

Job Details

Tableau is on a mission to help people see and understand data.  Tableau
Research is a small team that uses academic and industry research
methodologies to foster innovation.  Research topics include visual
analytics, data visualization, data preparation, human computer
interaction, statistics, machine learning, natural language processing,
search, as well as presentation and collaboration with data.

A research internship typically consists of a project that is mutually
discussed and agreed upon between the intern and their mentor. The goal of
the project is to help further the intern’s research career and inspire
Tableau & Salesforce with new ideas for future product roadmaps.  A
research internship also provides excellent opportunities for exploring
industry research, gain insights into product development, and publishing
work at top academic conferences.

We are currently accepting internship applications for this Fall, between
September and December 2021; the start and end dates are flexible based on
academic schedules. A typical internship involves three months of full-time

 What you’ll be doing…

As a research intern you will work closely with a mentor who is a member of
Tableau Research. You will typically meet daily with your mentor to
coordinate, plan, and help set expectations. You will be asked to present
and provide updates a few times at our team meetings. Research typically
involves designing and/or prototyping, along with possible user studies.
You will be expected to create a final presentation and writeup of the
project. Often, the project evolves into co-authoring an academic paper
that could extend beyond the internship period.

 Who you are…


   Passionate about research. You are a PhD student in good academic
   standing with at least a couple years of research and publishing experience
   at high-quality conference and journal venues. In the past, interns have
   published at venues such as VIS, EuroVis, TVCG, CHI, CSCW, UIST, IUI, DIS,
   KDD, SIGMOD for example. Having previous internship experience is a plus,
   but not a requirement.

   Aligned with our mission. Your research passion aligns with Tableau’s
   mission to help people see and understand data.

   An effective communicator. You have clear written and oral communication

   Highly technical. If your project involves prototyping, you have strong
   technical skills to prototype in a language of your choice, e.g.,
   D3/JavaScript, Python, R, C++, C#, Java, Go. If your project is
   study-focused, you have strong experience with setting up user studies,
   collecting, analyzing, and distilling qualitative and quantitative data. If
   your project is oriented towards statistics, you have strong computational
   skills and experience in statistical modeling, including data wrangling,
   model validation, and uncertainty assessment.

   A proficient designer. If your project involves prototyping user
   interfaces, you have a portfolio of UX / interaction / visualization design

Job posting / application page
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