[Ieee_vis_open_positions] Associate Senior Lecturer in Computer Engineering with focus on Information Visualization and Visual Analytics

Sjöström, Mårten Marten.Sjostrom at miun.se
Fri Feb 19 10:42:51 CET 2021

Associate Senior Lecturer in Computer Engineering with focus on Information Visualization and Visual Analysis
Mid Sweden University, Department of Information Systems and Technology, Campus Sundsvall, Sweden

Associate Senior Lecturer is a first academic position starting at most 5 years after finishing a doctoral degree.
After four years employment, an associate senior lecturer has the right to be tried for promotion to a position as a Senior Lecturer.

The position includes both teaching and research in approximately equal parts. Teaching will in visualization, computer graphics and related courses, as well as related administrative tasks. The research involves conducting innovative theoretical and experimental scientific studies in information visualization and visual analysis, and it includes theoretical analysis, practical experiments, algorithm design and implementation in software as well as documentation in the form of scientific articles and reports. The research will be carried out in the research group Realistic 3D, but the candidate will collaborate with teachers and researchers in several disciplines and departments at Mid Sweden University, as well as with authorities and industrial partners. The work also includes the formulation of research applications.

Further information is found at

Welcome with your application via our recruitment system no later than 28 march 2021.

Professor in Signal Processing

Information Systems and Technology
Holmgatan 10, SE-85170 Sundsvall, Sweden
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