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Sjöström, Mårten Marten.Sjostrom at miun.se
Tue Apr 28 11:58:09 CEST 2020

Open Position
Associate Senior Lecturer in Computer Engineering
Specialization in Information Visualization

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The open position for an Associate Senior Lecturer (Swedish: Biträdande lektor) in Information Visualization is a four-year employment that includes teaching and research in equal parts. Mid Sweden University intends to employ the candidate permanently as senior lecturer after the four years.

Teaching will be in Visualization, Visual Analytics, and other related courses.

Research involves implementing innovative theoretical and experimental scientific studies in Information Visualization and Visual Analytics in collaboration with researchers in several disciplines as well as with governmental and industrial partners.

The ambition for the Associate Senior Lecturer is to have reached the level of Docent (Associate Professor) after four years employment.

Application deadline 18th of May 2020

Find out more at http://tiny.cc/ce9clz


Professor in Signal Processing
Chair of subject Computer and System Sciences

Information Systems and Technology
Holmgatan 10, SE-85170 Sundsvall, Sweden
Phone +46 (0)10 142 88 36
Email marten.sjostrom at miun.se<mailto:marten.sjostrom at miun.se>


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