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The UNIVERSITY OF STUTTGART invites applications for the TENURE TRACK PROFESSORSHIP "COMPUTING IN ARCHITECTURE". The professorship is dedicated to strengthening the link between architecture and computer science. Its main focus in research and teaching is on the development and integration of computer science methods in computational design and construction in architecture, with a special focus on the areas of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The professorship is embedded in the various research activities of the Institute for Computational Design and Construction<https://icd.uni-stuttgart.de> and the Cluster of Excellence IntCDC Integrative Computational Design and Construction for Architecture<https://icd.uni-stuttgart.de/?p=24111> at the University of Stuttgart. Connections to the Department of Computer Science and the Cyber Valley Initiative<https://cyber-valley.de> are also envisioned.

A more detailed job offer can be viewed online:
GERMAN: https://www.academics.de<https://www.academics.de/jobs/tenure-track-professur-w1-computing-in-architecture-universitaet-stuttgart-stuttgart-1005980>
ENGLISH: https://www.academics.com<https://www.academics.com/jobs/tenure-track-professorship-w1-computing-in-architecture-universitaet-stuttgart-stuttgart-1005979>

ICD Webpage: https://icd.uni-stuttgart.de<https://icd.uni-stuttgart.de/?p=25720>

The application deadline is 15th of May 2019.

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