[Ieee_vis_open_positions] senior and junior faculty positions in CS at the University of Vienna

Anne Marie Faisst anne.marie.faisst at univie.ac.at
Thu Nov 22 09:43:51 CET 2018

The Faculty of Computer Science at the University of Vienna currently 
has four open faculty positions in different areas. Specifically, we are 

- a full professor position in Security and Privacy
  for details pls consult https://is.gd/PZjGrK <https://is.gd/PZjGrK>

- a full professor position in Computational Medicine
  for details pls consult https://is.gd/1pTsIX <https://is.gd/1pTsIX>

- a full professor position in Digital Philology with a focus on text 
  for details pls consult https://is.gd/tZFk0D <https://is.gd/tZFk0D>

- a tenure track position in Machine Learning
  for details pls consult https://is.gd/m5vXfH <https://is.gd/m5vXfH>

These positions together with fifteen additional faculty positions at 
other faculties of the University of Vienna will also contribute to a 
greater effort of the University of Vienna to support data-driven 
science in Vienna, in particular in the context of data science and 
digital humanities (see also https://is.gd/2Rc9Ld <https://is.gd/2Rc9Ld>).

Anne Marie Faisst, BA

Universität Wien
Fakultät für Informatik
Forschungsgruppe Visualization and Data Analysis

Koordination Forschungsplattform Data Science
Währinger Straße 29/S6/1.04, A-1090 Wien

T +43-1-4277-790 03

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