[Ieee_vis_open_positions] PhD position in Crestic and MimeTIC Inria Teams - HETEROGENEOUS DATA FUSION FOR SAFEGUARDING OF CULTURAL , HERITAGE OF DANCE

Franck Multon franck.multon at irisa.fr
Thu Jul 12 21:46:34 CEST 2018

Dear colleagues,

would you please consider and forward this PhD open position in computer 
graphics. The PhD position is mainly located in Crestic 
(crestic.univ-reims.fr/en/equipe/rvm) in Reims, France, in collaboration 
with MimeTIC Inria team (team.inria.fr/mimetic/) in Rennes, France.

The topic of the PhD position is: HETEROGENEOUS DATA FUSION FOR 

*Context *

The PhD is part of a European project under the call JPICH. The 
“SCHEDAR” project is a collaborative project between several European 
partners, including University of Cyprus (leader), Algolysis Ltd in 
Cyprus, Warwick University in UK, University Rennes 2 (Inria MimeTIC 
team), and University of Reims Champagne Ardennes (URCA - CReSTIC lab. 
in the RVM team). SCHEDAR aims at capturing, preserving and subsequently 
re-creating intangible Cultural Heritage in dance using new technologies.

*PhD Objectives *

In this PhD, we willexplore the capability of creating robust 
reconstruction of dynamic capture of dancers. Difficulties are manifold. 
Unlike many other types of input, it will be difficult to automatically 
additional difficulties. One main challenge is to capture the motion of 
dancers in uncontrolled ecological situation, with occlusions, complex 
motions, garments, etc.In this thesis, we will explore the adequate 
approaches for building an animated 3D mesh of the dancer from fusion of 
several heterogeneous data, including depth images, RGB images, and 
prior knowledge. Several methods could be used to build 
mathematical models. The main idea of this PhD is to take advantage of 
these methods to propose a new approach.

The PhD will take place at URCA in Reims, with some stays in Rennes. It 
will be co-supervised by Prof. Céline Loscos at URCA, Prof. Franck 
Multon in Rennes, and Dr. Eric Desjardin at URCA. Both teams have 
extensive expertise in motion capture, animation, 3D vision and 4D 
modelling. They beneficiate from exceptional equipment that will be 
available in the project, with a preferential access to a motion capture 
studio set in Rennes 2 and to ROMEO HPC facilities at URCA.

*Candidate profile *

holdamaster’sdegreeincomputerscience.Verygoodbackgroundin computer 
graphics, 3D vision, and/or machine learning are expected.A good English 
level is preferable in order to facilitate collaborative work with 
partners abroad. The candidate will be co-supervised by Céline Loscos at 
URCA and Franck Multon at UR2-Inria.

*Application *

Inquiries can be addressed to celine.loscos at univ-reims.fr and 
franck.multon at irisa.fr.

Best regards

Franck Multon, and Celine Loscos

Professor, University of Rennes 2

Leader of MimeTIC team (University of Rennes2, INRIA, ENS Rennes, University of Rennes1, CNRS)

M2S Research Unit
ENS Rennes
Campus de Ker lann, Avenue Robert Schuman, 35170 Bruz - FRANCE
web : http://www.m2slab.com
tel : +33 631646357
fax : +33 299847100
mail : Franck.Multon at univ-rennes2.fr

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