[Ieee_vis_open_positions] PostDoc fellowship in Computer Science with specialization in Information Visualization and Visual Analytics, Linnaeus University, Sweden

Andreas Kerren andreas.kerren at lnu.se
Thu Feb 18 03:35:00 CET 2016

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PostDoc fellowship in Computer Science with specialization in Information Visualization and Visual Analytics

placed at Linnaeus University, Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Technology, Växjö, Sweden (lnu.se)

Job status: full time, no longer than a maximum of two years
Location: Växjö, Sweden
Subject Area: Computer Science with specialization in Information Visualization and Visual Analytics
Reference number: 2016/727-2.2.1

*** Duties ***

- Research within the fields of information visualization and visual analytics.
- Regularly present intermediate/final research results at international conferences and workshops, and publish them in conference proceedings and journals.
- Close collaboration with the other members in our interdisciplinary research environment as well as domain experts.
- At most 20% time can be dedicated to teaching and other departmental tasks.

*** Qualification requirements ***

The postdoc position requires a PhD degree in Computer Science, or a foreign degree equivalent to a PhD, and who has completed the degree no more than three years before the application deadline.
Eligibility for this position also requires that the doctoral thesis has a focus on information visualization, visual analytics, or closely related fields.

*** Assessment criteria ***

Excellent knowledge in the focused research areas of information visualization and visual analytics is a strong advantage. Good programming skills (Java, JavaScript, HTML5, WebGL/OpenGL) and a solid training in mathematics and computer graphics are highly preferred. Documented expertise and working experience within at least one of the following research and educational areas is a great advantage:

- (Multivariate/Temporal) network visualization
- Collaborative visual analysis and interaction
- Visual analytics of Big Data
- Multidimensional visualization techniques in combination with machine learning and/or data mining techniques
- Visual text analytics
- Experiences in specific application domains and their visualization needs, such as in systems biology, social sciences, etc.

Excellent written and oral communication skills in English are required. Teamwork experiences should also be documented in the application. Since the subject is male-dominated, we encourage female applicants.
Applicants will be selected through a qualitative overall assessment of the competences and skills, assessed most suitable to conduct research and to contribute to a successful development of the research environment.

*** Further information and contact ***

Professor Andreas Kerren, phone number: +46 470 767502, email: andreas.kerren at lnu.se, or web: http://homepage.lnu.se/staff/akemsi/ and http://cs.lnu.se/isovis/.

The application (in English) must be registered online no later than March 31, 2016, via the following link: 

   http://lnu.se/about-lnu/jobs-and-vacancies?l=en    (reference number: 2016/727-2.2.1)

The application must include a cover letter, CV, degree certificates, a list of relevant publications (incl. theses, reports, etc.), and the contact information of three referees. In addition, a link to the candidate’s PhD thesis should be provided.
Linnaeus University has the ambition to utilize the qualities that an even gender distribution and diversity brings to the organization.


+ Prof. Dr. Andreas Kerren
+ Linnaeus University
+ Department of Computer Science
+ Vejdes Plats 7, Room B3019
+ SE-351 95 Växjö, Sweden
+ Phone: +46 470 767502
+ Fax: +46 470 84004
+ Email: andreas.kerren at lnu.se
+ WWW: http://homepage.lnu.se/staff/akemsi/
+ WWW: http://cs.lnu.se/isovis/

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