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Fri Oct 23 23:38:00 CEST 2015

Hi all,

There are a number of exciting opportunities in Boulder for the coming year. Multiple departments at the University of Colorado Boulder are currently hiring at all ranks. An aggregate list of calls is available at


and included below.

Of primary interest for visualization folks, the Computer Science department is actively recruiting for scientific visualization, Information Science is open to applicants in information visualization and visual analytics, and Advertising & Public Relations is hiring in big data analytics for strategic communication.




Danielle Albers Szafir
Assistant Professor of Information Science
University of Colorado Boulder
303.492.8532 | danielle.szafir at colorado.edu | danielleszafir.com



Job Calls of Interest to Scholars of Information Science, Learning, Design, CS, CogSci, Creative Technologies, Comm & Media

We have a number of openings at the University of Colorado Boulder in different departments, colleges and institutes that may be of interest to scholars of information science, learning, design, CS, CogSci, Comm, and Media.

To help navigate, here is a list of possibly relevant faculty calls, depending on your disciplinary orientation:

College of Media, Communication and Information (CMCI)

  *   Information Science (multiple all ranks, Senior encouraged)
  *   Advertising, PR & Media Design (Assistant) (note includes Big Data Analytics)
  *   Communication (multiple all ranks)
  *   Journalism (Assistant)
  *   Critical Media Practices (2 all ranks)

For summary of all the CMCI calls above, see here: http://www.colorado.edu/cmci/2015/10/02/faculty-sought-multiple-cmci-departments

College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS)

  *   Computer Science (multiple): http://www.colorado.edu/cs/2015-faculty-search<http://www.colorado.edu/cs/2015-faculty-search>
  *   ATLAS, in Creative Technologies & Design (2 positions): http://atlas.colorado.edu/join-us/

Institute of Cognitive Science

  *   Institute of Cognitive Science (advanced Asst or Associate, note attention to analysis and computation of big data sets):http://www.colorado.edu/ics/2015/09/17/ics-tenure-track-faculty-search

School of Education

  *   7 positions, assorted, see here if there is a match: http://www.colorado.edu/education/about-us/job-opportunities#Tenure-Track

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