[Ieee_vis_open_positions] 7+ Funded PhDs in Comp. Vision at University College London

Gabriel J. Brostow G.Brostow at cs.ucl.ac.uk
Wed Mar 11 14:51:17 CET 2015

Read this before applying (!!):
These funded studentships are for EU-Resident students. That means you should 
apply if you hold an EU-passport, and are resident within the EU for the past 3 
years. My apologies to everyone else - outstanding non-EU applicants can get 
funding in the 1st round annually, which had a mid-December deadline this year.

Application deadline: 30th March 2015
Note that your English-language qualification*, CV, research statement, 
transcript, and list of letter-writers are all due by that date, but the 2-3 
letters can arrive shortly thereafter.
*English: TOEFL is no longer accepted. The exam scores can also arrive shortly 
after the deadline, but it's a gamble.

Several of us in Computer Vision have received funding to cover stipends and 
all other costs of 3-year PhD studentships in the Computer Science Department 
at UCL. For more information about the specific posts, see the web-pages of 
individuals here: http://vis.cs.ucl.ac.uk/people/

At present, Lourdes Agapito, Danny Alexander, and I (Gabriel Brostow) already 
have at least 7 open positions, co-funded variously by grants and generous 
Mine are listed here: 
Lourdes Agapito's will be here:

The studentships start in September/October 2015.

At UCL, PhD students have a primary and secondary PhD advisor, so your 
immediate cohort can be small or quite big, depending on the research and 
people's working styles. Some of us overlap heavily with Machine Learning, 
Graphics, Medical Physics, etc.. In practice, this means most successful 
applicants have given serious thought to their favorite direction, having 
worked on (some, can be quite different) research-worthy problems in a Masters 
and/or industry.

You need a strong background in computer science, mathematics, and/or 
Specific skills are needed for the different studentships. For my part, I look 
for creative people who are great hackers, AND can both read and write 
technical papers/reports. Great ideas have to be validated, so this should not 
be your first encounter with real programming.

About us:
UCL is in central London, and is one of the top 3 groups for 
Vision/Graphics/Learning in Europe. We were rated the best CS department in the 
UK for research (REF 2014). Our teams are fun and productive, and London is one 
of the most vibrant places on earth!

Application Instructions:
You'll need to submit an online application here by the 30th March deadline: 
http://www.cs.ucl.ac.uk/admissions/phd_programme/applying/. You should also 
email your preferred PhD advisor so they know to look out for your application. 
We only see the online applications after all your letters of recommendation 
etc. have arrived; we'll obviously prompt the CS Admission Panel to assess each 
batch of good applications that we're aware of. Note the English Language 
requirement! Good applicants in the past have had an MSc project in a related 
area, evidence of being productive in some detail-oriented domain, appetite for 
scholarly reading/writing, and enormous drive. If you're reading this, you're 
probably pretty smart/ambitious, but for a PhD, you also need to be 
enthusiastic, creative, and *very* persistent.
My "vacancies" page also has brief advice for writing a Research Statement / 
proposal - but that's quite subjective.

 			-Gabriel J. Brostow

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