[Ieee_vis_open_positions] Open PhD and MS positions at the Electronic Visualization Lab, U of Illinois at Chicago

G.Elisabeta Marai marai at cs.pitt.edu
Tue Nov 11 07:06:12 CET 2014

The Electronic Visualization Lab (EVL) at UIC has multiple open graduate
student positions in visualization projects (infovis, scivis, biovis, HCI,
VR), to be filled by Fall 2015. EVL conducts interdisciplinary research in
computer graphics and visualization---distributed visualization,
visualization instrumentation, biovis, scivis, infovis, HCI, VR and
management of next-generation networked visualization initiatives---to
create globally-connected visualization display hardware and software that
enable collaboration among teams of scientists, engineers, industrial
designers, and artists. Globally noted for its invention of the CAVE™
virtual reality theater (1991), EVL represents the oldest formal
collaboration between engineering and art in the US. EVL facilities include
a CAVE2, interactive tables, sensing spider-suits, and wall-sized displays
that support local and distance collaboration.

EVL is part of the Computer Science Department at UIC. The combined
expertise of the twenty-seven CS faculty members is extraordinary. Ten of
the faculty have received prestigious National Science Foundation CAREER
awards, and four of the faculty are recipients of UIC’s top teaching
excellence award. The educational opportunities are outstanding, from
Virtual Reality and Visualization courses to a unique Field Course in
Computational Population Biology, taught partly on site in a Kenyan
reservation. The department is a leading research unit, with annual
research funding exceeding $9 million.

The Chicago campus of the University of Illinois (UIC) ranks third among
U.S. universities in an international ranking of the top 100 young
universities in the world. The largest campus in the Chicago area, UIC has
nearly 30,000 students (40% are graduate students), 15 colleges---including
the nation's largest medical school---and annual research expenditures
exceeding $335 million. A truly global institution, more than a third of
UIC students speak English as a second language; UIC's student body is
recognized as one of the most diverse in the US.

Chicago is a beautiful, gorgeous US city like no other: there are 80+
different architectural tours, beaches and yachts, city life (second only
to NYC in the US), amazing public transportation, both quiet and hipster
neighborhoods, a huge number of connecting flights, wonderful diversity and

Apply by Feb 15th 2015:
http://www.uic.edu/depts/oar/grad/apply_grad.html (bottom of page)
Admission requirements:
Contact: Santhi Nannapaneni <santhin at uic.edu>, CS Assistant Director of
Student Affairs

The EVL faculty team (http://evl.uic.edu):

Tanya Berger-Wolf (CS/CompBio)
Angus Forbes (CS)
Andrew Johnson (CS)
Robert Kenyon (CS)
Leilah Lyons (CS)
G.Elisabeta Marai (CS)
Daria Tsoupikova (Art)

Maxine Brown (maxine at uic.edu), EVL Director

-- Liz
G. Elisabeta Marai
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Electronic Visualization Lab
University of Illinois at Chicago

Currently on sabbatical at:
Robotics Institute
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University
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