[Ieee_vis_open_positions] PhD positions in the Visual Computing Division at Clemson University

Joshua Levine levinej at clemson.edu
Thu Aug 14 22:07:17 CEST 2014

We have two open PhD positions in the Visual Computing Division at
Clemson University's School of Computing, one in Simulation and Mesh
Generation with Joshua Levine and one in Character Animation and
Perception (Gaze Modeling) with Sophie Joerg.


PhD Position 1: Coupling Simulation and Mesh Generation using
Computational Topology

Improving simulation techniques promises to make for better
capabilities in graphics as well as improving computational science as
a whole. Meshing quality plays an integral role in the quality of such
simulations, both in terms of accuracy and efficiency.  This project
focuses on using topological analysis tools to analyze simulation
variables.  By understanding the structure, we can better inform a
meshing technique so that it is more closely linked with the
simulation process.


PhD Position 2: Procedural and Data-Driven Methods for Gaze Modeling

Eye movements play a key role in human communication. Correspondingly,
convincing gaze motion is crucial for creating engaging virtual
characters or avatars. In this position, the PhD student will be
investigating models of gaze for virtual characters, combining
real-world measurements and analysis, technical development, and
perceptual experimentation, with the goal of creating more realistic
and expressive virtual characters to bridge the so-called Uncanny
The PhD student will work closely with Dr. Sophie Joerg and Dr. Andrew
Duchowski and be part of the Visual Computing division. Equipment that
the student will use includes a 14-camera optical motion capture
system as well as a binocular eye-tracker.


Both projects are NSF funded. Funding is currently available for 3
years, covering tuition reimbursement, competitive salaries, and
support for conference visits. Clemson University provides an
excellent environment for research in graphics, visualization, and
human-centered computing, with currently 10 faculty specialized in
graphics in visualization, and offering a large number of specialized
and interdisciplinary courses and seminars. Clemson University is
located in South Carolina, about two hours of driving from Atlanta or

We are looking for candidates who meet the following requirements:

- a strong first degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering,
or a related area relevant to the project (typically BS or Master)
- a strong interest in computer graphics, computer animation, eye
tracking, motion capture, visualization, computational topology,
and/or geometric modeling
- an additional background or interest in human-computer interaction,
cognitive science or psychology is a plus
- excellent analytic, creative, and technical skills
- ability to work in a team
- fluency in spoken and written English.

To apply please send a resume/CV, a personal research statement, and
(if available) unofficial transcript or GRE scores to Joshua Levine,
levinej at clemson.edu for position 1 and to Sophie Joerg,
sjoerg at clemson.edu for position 2. For full consideration, please
apply by September 1st, 2014. However, we will accept applications
until the positions are filled. A full applications including
references and transcripts of previous academic degrees will be
required at a later point to apply to our PhD program.

For further information, please contact:

Joshua Levine (position 1)
levinej at clemson.edu

Sophie Joerg (position 2)
sjoerg at clemson.edu


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