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King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is an
international, graduate research university dedicated to advancing science
and technology through interdisciplinary research, education, and

KAUST's campus, on the shores on the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia, is an
integrated multi-cultural international community of professionals,
interpreneurs, scientists, and students living and working together to
discover new possibilities in addressing the world's pressing scientific
and technological challenges related to water, food, energy and
environment. http://kaust.edu.sa


The Visualization Laboratory is a fully staffed state-of-the-art facility
that offers a unique opportunity to utilize one-of-a-kind visualization,
interaction, and computational resources for the exploration and
presentation of scientific data. 2D and 3D display environments, highly
spatialized and immersive audio, monoscopic and stereoscopic displays,
wireless interaction devices, and fully integrated and portable desktop
applications are some of the services available in the laboratory.
Professional lab staff specializes in a wide variety of areas related to
the exploration and presentation of scientific data. Their expertise covers:

   - Researching and developing advanced scientific and information
   visualization software and hardware interfaces.
   - Supporting HPC visualization projects (in collaboration with the KAUST
   Supercomputing Core Laboratory)
   - Scientific audio/video production for the presentation of research
   results and university outreach.
   - Scientific 3D modeling and animation production for journal covers,
   presentations, and research paper submissions.
   - Supporting the innovative use of advanced audio interfaces for the
   exploration and presentation of large complex datasets.
   - Hosting collaborative research events ranging from project meetings to
   research presentations, video conferencing sessions, and workshops.
   - Providing guided tours of the facility for university visitors and
   showcasing the newest research from departments throughout KAUST.
   - In-house design, development, and maintenance of all state-of-the-art
   lab facilities to keep the KAUST Visualization Core Laboratory on the
   cutting-edge of scientific visualization technology.

KVL offers a variety of options for faculty and students to explore and
analyze their datasets utilizing the latest hardware and software
visualization solutions. In collaboration with the lab's own scientific
staff, users of the lab have the following facilities at their disposal:

   - CORNEA: A 6-sided CAVE Immersive Virtual Reality Environment.
   - SHOWCASE: A highly versatile space for research meetings and
   - Multipurpose Room: A theater-like presentation space.
   - Video Production Studio, Editing and Control Rooms.
   - Development spaces: Reconfigurable test room for students and



The Scientific Visualization & Computer Graphics Research Scientist will
work in collaboration with other team members to build cutting-edge
visualization tools for domain scientists and industry partners,
architecting solutions for large-scale data visualization and interaction
with distributed graphics on ultra-high resolution tiled-displays and
virtual reality environments.

As a desired competency, the incumbent will also design, implement and
maintain streaming HPC-Visualization from simulations done in
supercomputing facilities at KAUST, including Shaheen (KAUST's BlueGene/P
system) and other HPC clusters on campus. This activity will require close
collaboration with Computational Scientists within the KAUST Supercomputing
Core Lab (KSL) to support the implementation of visualization solutions in
their systems.

As part of the Core Labs, the incumbent will also provide training and
support for students and researchers regarding the software and hardware
facilities in the lab, participating in and organizing training seminars
and workshops, as well providing student mentoring and support in
collaboration with KAUST faculty, as appropriate.

*Major Responsibilities*

   - Provide Visualization and CG support and expertise to research
   endeavors across campus.
   - Working collaboratively with other laboratory staff and external
   vendors in the design and implementation of new systems, and upgrades to
   existing systems.
   - Maintain accurate documentation and training guidelines for the
   utilization of laboratory software and hardware visualization tools.
   - Software tools and program development for visualization applications
   running on KVL and KSL facilities.

*Other Responsibilities*

   - Provide support and expertise on human-computer interaction techniques
   related to visualization.
   - Provide support and expertise on virtual reality environment design
   and implementation, including VR interfaces and the combination of
   Visualization and VR applications.
   - Propose, evaluate and deploy new software and hardware technology
   solutions for visualization and graphics.
   - Stay up-to-date on scientific developments in graphics, visualization,
   displays, interaction and projection technologies.
   - Perform other tasks assigned by the Manager of the Visualization

*Core Competencies:*

   - Demonstrated experience in scientific and/or information visualization
   application design and implementation, with strong knowledge and
   demonstrated experience of advanced programing languages, including
   distributed and web-based applications. i.e. expertise in one or more of
   the following areas: FORTRAN, C, C++, MPI, OpenMP, WebGL, CUDA, Python, D3,
   VTK, Avizo, Paraview, VisIt, Virtools/3DVIA, OpenInventor, OSG, Equalizer,
   - Expert in multiple areas of computer graphics including 2D/3D
   graphics, image processing, and advanced rendering techniques.
   - Excellent English oral and written communication skills.
   - Highly competent technical documentation skills
   - Proven ability to work with minimal supervision in a
   multi-disciplinary environment

*Desirable Competencies:*

   - Familiarity with RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux), MAC OS, Windows, and
   mobile operating systems.
   - Experience with Visualization Hardware which includes: NVidia Quadro
   and QuadroPlex Graphics Systems and VR tracking systems.
   - Knowledge of 3D display technologies (both Projection and LCD panels)


   - Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or a related area required; MSc
   or PhD preferred.
   - 3-5 years experience in computer graphics, visualization, and advanced
   display technology.

Please email me directly for more information about this position.



Daniel Acevedo-Feliz, PhD
Manager, Visualization Laboratory
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Building #1, Office #3419
Thuwal 23955-6900
Saudi Arabia
Tel. +966 544 700334


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