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Gerik Scheuermann scheuermann at informatik.uni-leipzig.de
Mon May 13 20:29:54 CEST 2013

Open Position for PhD Student within ESF-funded Project
„The Billion Word Library“
at the Image and Signal Processing Group, University of Leipzig
Project description:
Our goal is to help re-invent library infrastructure, establishing Leipzig as 
a leading place in a new information infrastructure, one that builds upon its 
traditional expertise with print but that also looks to the challenges and 
opportunities of managing vast flows of cultural information across the globe, 
serving communities long separated not only by space but by language and 
culture. Thereby, we will work with scalable data and more than a billion of 
OCR-generated words. The final infrastructure will allow to dynamically 
address distinct levels in the hierarchy of a text (e.g. section, sentence, 
word). Various metadata dimensions will furthermore allow flexible faceted 
queries. The University Library of Leipzig and the Natural Language Processing 
Group bear the responsibility for data and metadata management.
The task within the context of this vacancy is the co-development of a 
visualization environment for the produced data (e.g. words of text documents, 
texts in various languages, pictures in douments) and metadata (e.g. space, 
time, language) of this project. With the given multifacetedness, there is an 
ample scope to develop novel methods in information visualization with the 
focus on text visualization.
We require:
Master degree (or German Diplom) in computer science, finished after June 1st, 
Very good skills in visualization and image processing 
Very good skills in software and web development 
Experiences in JavaScript, Java, HTML and CSS 
High commitment and flexibility 
Communication skills and capacity for team work
We afford:
Possibility for a PhD in visualization or Digital Humanities 
Work in a receptive, interdisciplinary team
Vacancy details:
The candidate gets a half-time position according to TV-L E13 (~1.750€ before 
tax). Since the duration of the project is limited, the position is limited to 
1,5 years. A subsequent employment is possible depending on available funding.
Prof. Dr. Gerik Scheuermann
Universität Leipzig
Institut für Informatik
PF 100920
04009 Leipzig
E-Mail:scheuermann at informatik.uni-leipzig.de
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