[Ieee_vis_open_positions] Post-doctoral researcher position in Scientific Visualization -- Telecom ParisTech, France

Julien Tierny tierny at telecom-paristech.fr
Mon Aug 20 10:49:38 CEST 2012

The research laboratory (LTCI) of Telecom ParisTech (Paris Institute of 
Technology, France) invites applications for one post-doctoral researcher in the
field of scientific visualization.

The successful candidate will perform research in close collaboration with 
researchers of the lab for the development of innovative techniques and tools 
for the visualization of uncertain spatial data-sets. In particular, an 
important emphasis will be given to the definition of new models and algorithms
for the structural analysis of such data-sets. Applications of this work include
the efficient exploration, interaction and analysis of uncertain scientific 
data-sets (physical simulations, medical data, etc.) based on multi-scale 
topological abstractions. 

The successful candidate will work in direct collaboration with researchers
having an established expertise in visualization, topological analysis,
computational geometry, computer graphics, image processing, medical imaging and
uncertainty models (see the links to the investigators' webpages below). 
In the context of this research project, the candidate will also have the 
opportunity to directly interact with several external collaborators and
data-set providers, including industrial and academic institutions in France and
worldwide that are highly involved in scientific visualization.
The candidate will be part of the Image Processing and Understanding group (more
specifically its Computer Graphics component) of the research 
laboratory (LTCI) of Telecom ParisTech. The LTCI lab is a unique environment 
where innovative, multidisciplinary, and foundational research is conducted on 
topics ranging from communication systems and networking, to computer science
and image and signal processing.
Telecom ParisTech is the information technology college of ParisTech (Paris 
Institute of Technology), one of the most prestigious and selective academic
institution in France.
The candidate will be given the opportunity to develop his/her research skills
and experience, to contribute if desired to the acquisition of new funding and
to the development of the visualization axis within the lab, with possible 
teaching opportunities as well as student mentoring.

Telecom ParisTech is one of the few colleges of ParisTech that still benefit
from a downtown location within the beautiful city of Paris (13th district). 
Subway stations serving four different lines are located within walking distance
(10 minutes or less). Two student housing facilities (with furnished studios and
apartments) are also located within walking distance.

We are seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral fellow! Curiosity, open-mind,
creativity, persistence, and collaborative-work ability are the key personal
skills we target.
A Ph.D. in computer science (or applied mathematics) is required, 
with demonstrated experience and a first-class publication record on one or 
several of the following topics:
scientific visualization, computational topology/geometry, computer graphics, 
shape analysis, geometry processing, uncertainty models in imaging.
The successful candidate should have advanced programming skills (C++ preferred)
with experience with visualization/computer graphics APIs (OpenGL, VTK, etc.). A
solid background in mathematics is required (with optional knowledge in
computational topology).
Fluency in French is absolutely _NOT_ required, however fluency in English is 
Both beginning and more senior postdoctoral candidates are encouraged to apply.

Applicants are invited to submit a cover letter, their curriculum 
vitae (including their full publication record), as well as reference letters by
email to Dr Julien Tierny (tierny at telecom-paristech.fr), Dr Pooran Memari 
(memari at telecom-paristech.fr), and Pr Isabelle Bloch 
(bloch at telecom-paristech.fr).
The deadline for the application submission is set to December, 31st 2012 for a
preferred start date in February 2013.

Candidates are encouraged to contact Dr Julien Tierny 
(tierny at telecom-paristech.fr) for further discussion or any practical question.


* Research project investigators
- Dr Julien Tierny: 
- Dr Pooran Memari: 
- Pr Isabelle Bloch: 

* Research group
- Computer Graphics sub-group
- Image Processing and Understanding group:

* Affiliations:
- ParisTech: 
- Telecom ParisTech
- Telecom ParisTech Research Laboratory (LTCI)

* Housing:
- Cite Universitaire Internationale (furnished apartments):
- Maisel (furnished studios):

* City of Paris:
- Wikipedia entry: 
- Public transportation: 

Dr Julien Tierny
CNRS Researcher
LTCI - Telecom ParisTech

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