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Dear reader,

this e-mail is the first newsletter of our new European research project
which aims at analysing how educational trajectories of young people are
regulated as a result of complex interactions in different European
education systems. Educational research in the past decade has strongly
focused the outcomes of education as well as patterns of social
inequality in this regard.
The study "Governance of educational trajectories in Europe" (GOETE)
investigates how access of children and young people to different stages
of education is enabled or restricted, how coping with educational
demands is being facilitated through formal and informal support and how
it is being negotiated between different actors what education actually
is relevant for society at large as well as subjectively for the
learners themselves. The GOETE newsletter is issued twice a year. It
introduces into the objectives of the study, reports on its progress,
provides reflections on related issues as well as links to relevant
policy developments at EU level.

With best regards from the GOETE coordination team

  GOETE Newsletter 1-2010


(1) The GOETE project
(2) GOETE project news
(3) Reflection: keynote lecture at the GOETE kick-off-meeting
(4) EU policy context: the new EU-strategy of educational governance

(1) The GOETE project

The GOETE project is concerned with understanding how education systems
deal with the changing relation between education and social integration
in the knowledge society. It analyses young people's educational
trajectories in Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland,
Slovenia and the UK. Applying a life course perspective it asks how
young people’s access to different stages of education is regulated, how
coping with forms and demands of education and lifelong learning is
facilitated, and if and how education is relevant for the future lives
of young people.

Read more: <http://www.goete.eu/project/objectives>

(2) GOETE project news

GOETE has taken up its way in January with a public symposium and a
first meeting of all partners. In this article we summarize what has
happened since then.

Read more: <http://www.goete.eu/news/project-news/100-goete-project-news>

(3) Reflection: keynote lecture at the GOETE kick-off-meeting

Michael Young, University of London: Educational policies for a
knowledge society: reflections from a sociology of knowledge perspective

The keynote lecture held at the GOETE kick-off meeting, Tuebingen, 29
January 2010, gives Michael Young's reflections on developments that
influence education policy-making.

Read more:

(4) EU policy context: the new EU-strategy of educational governance

A contribution by Andreas Walther: From Lisbon 2010 towards Europe 2020:
EU education and training policies between continuity and change

In the past decade, educational research and policy at EU level are
being used with reference to the Lisbon Strategy either affirming or
criticising its objective of making Europe the most successful knowledge
economy in the world and the policy priorities resulting from this.
Since 2010 the Lisbon Strategy is history, not only because it was
scheduled for the period from 2000 to 2010 but also because neither the
overall objective nor the operative benchmarking indicators have been
achieved. It needs to be said that – at latest with the mid-term reviews
undertaken by the Commission - this was to be expected. So, what next?

Read more:

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